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David Bearman for Supervisor

A Prescription for Change!

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Dear neighbor,

Join me in my vision for a healthy Santa Barbara County. A healthy Santa Barbara consists of an environment for us and future generations, with clean air, clean water, adequate mass transit. A healthy community means a thriving middle class of professionals, technicians, teachers, firefighters, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, engineers and other working people. A healthy County requires a healthy relationship between the County and the diverse people it represents.

This is a critical election. Our County is at a crossroads. Santa Barbara County can once again be at the forefront of progressive national environmental and social initiatives. I am the person to do this; I have shown that I am a problem-solver and am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. I am running for 3rd District Supervisor to reverse the damage caused by the boardís decisions over the last four years, to protect our environment, support our work force, and improve access to health care.

Please join us in our campaign.

My prescription for change goes beyond the pulls of politics. My diverse experiences in a variety of realms within our community gives me a profound perspective on the communityís needs.

Iíve served on the Countyís Long-Term Care Committee, its Drug Abuse Technical Advisory Committee, Mental Health Master Plan Committee. I've worked on drug abuse treatment and prevention since arriving here in 1970 and was a consultant to the S.B. County schools for 9 years on drug abuse prevention and early intervention. I was instrumental in the formation of the Fatherhood Coalition, an effort to improve parenting and strengthen families. I have worked to empower and serve the Hispanic community since starting the Isla Vista Medical Clinic in 1970, having served on the Board of Esparza de Salud, on the East Santa Barbara Health Task Force, and been Medical Director of Zona Seca.

Together, we can make government more responsible. I need your help. Iíll be glad to meet with you and your neighbors around the kitchen tables.


David Crosby

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

Mike Marasana

Regional Sierra Club Rep

Frank Frost

Former 1st District Supervisor

Ed Maschke

Former GWB Director

Jan Keller

Former Lompoc City Council Member

Carmen Lodise

Former IVRPD Director

Roger Lagerquist

Former IVPRD General Manager

Gerry DeWitt

Former S.B. City Council Member

Ken Warfield

IVRPD Director

Kelly Pritchard

IVPRD Director

Frank Banales

Executive Director, Zona Seca

Dr. Steve Hosea

SBNP Lifetime Achievement Award

Don Rink, M.D.

Former Chair of Surgery Dept., Cottage

Bert Bretrando

GWB Director

Larry Meyer

GWSD Director

Craig Geyer

GWSD Director

John Fox

GSD Director

Ignacio Alcare Ph.D.

President SBCC Academic Senate

Arthur Kennedy

IVRPD Director

Steve Jones

Former Goleta Chamber of Commerce President

Wallace Marsh, M.D.

Director Santa Ynez River Conservation District No. 3

Stanley Cui

President, NORML at UCSB

Robert Lewis, Ph.D.

President, Feel The Love Foundation

Scott Abbott


Gilbert O. Andersen, M.D.


Sarah Armstrong


Stephen A. Bailey, DDS


Dennis H. Baker, M.D.


Stuart Berg


Marianne Bloom


Bradley N. Currey


Louise A. Currey


Douglas Daniels, Ph.D.


James A. Dement


Thomas Dixon, M.D.


Hannah Eckberg


William S. Eidelman, M.D.


G.W. Elliott, Ph.D.


Stephen Ellis, M.D.


Luis Esparza, Esq.


Beth Everett


Kenny Fields


Ken Frank, M.D.


Malcolm Gault-Williams


Norma Geyer


Dale Gieringer, Ph.D.


Bill Gilbert


May Goldburg


Carol D. Hawkins


Lee E. Heller


Brendan Hamme


Kris Hermes


Bill Hurst


Ms. Elaine Jacobs, MFT


Jenny Jett


Bradley M. Johnson, D.C.


Arnold Leff, M.D.


Diana Lejins


Peter B. Lewis


Susan Loper, RN


Lily Maestas, MSW


W.M. Mellar, M.D.


Madeline Moreaux


Ada Nelson


Leon Pahle


Shanan A. Palmer, RN


Dr. Bradley T. Pinkernell


Mark Pisotchi


David Ponemon


Robert Potter, Ph.D.


Felicita Butler & Mike Quero


Robert Raich


Thomas Reaper, M.D.


Michael Reynolds


Elizabeth Robinson


Russ Salzgeber


Howie Samuelson


Steve Scardino


Josef Schwartz, M.D.


Philip A. Seymour


Richard L. Singleton Jr.


Noel Spark


Zelma Spark


Ernie Torres


Erica Thost, M.D.


Dr. & Mrs. Barry R. Williams


Don Wirtschafter


Bob Young, M.D.


Terri Young


Abbreviations Used In The Preceeding List


Isla Vista Recreation and Park District


Goleta Water Board


Goleta West Sanitary District


Goleta Sanitary District

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